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Computer Training

We all get lost in the foggy haze of the computer world at some point!

One of our main goals at Creative Solutions 123 is to empower website owners to understand, change and adapt their website, without having to always go through a web developer. We want our customers to save money over time by helping them be comfortable with adding, removing and changing elements on a website.


Everybody has a learning curve and we all start in different places, with varied exposure to technology over our lives. We can offer a range of different computer learning and training courses across both applications and basic computer use and knowledge. You can approach us at any skill level, we are always happy to help!

Websites Explained

Websites are complex beasts. Let us help you understand hosting, domains, SEO and what-not!

Basic Computer Training

Everybody has to start somewhere! Computer training courses are available depending on your skill level.

Microsoft Office & Skype

We can help you learn a particular application or a range of business applications.

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