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Microsoft Office & Skype Learning

Applications play a major part in our day to day lives now. This is something that we all have to get used to, every day, more businesses create bespoke apps for their services. However, sometimes it's really frustrating when you just aren't sure how to use something that a friend or colleague uses to speak to their family overseas regularly, with ease. It's no problem, we all think differently and our training reflects that. We work with you to find a way that is easy for you to learn without stress, quickly.

Microsoft Office has always been a front runner when it comes to using a computer, it's guaranteed that you will run into it at some point. We're happy to help you understand how to set up those pesky spreadsheets, or how to create letter templates in Word, or help in your CV writing.

We offer courses across the entire platform of Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Powerpoint etc) as well as Skype, Zoom and other internet communication applications.

Confused about Word?

Speak to us about the different Microsoft Office and Skype courses we offer.

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